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Anguilla is one of Britain’s Overseas Territories, situated in the Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico. As such, it enjoys a high degree of political stability with all legislation assented to by the Governor as HM The Queen’s representative. Although the island’s status as an offshore centre is relatively new, the significant growth in Government revenues earned from the financial services sector over the last few years is a testament to the success of the policies to date. With a well-developed professional infrastructure and excellent communication networks, Anguilla well positioned as a major player in the international arena. Anguilla is truly a neutral tax jurisdiction. There are no income, capital gains, estate, profit or other forms of direct taxation either on individuals or corporations, whether resident in Anguilla or not. This makes Anguilla a very attractive location for financial services professionals to base themselves, and Anguilla has hence introduced multi-year work permits of up to 4 years. Anguilla has no foreign exchange controls or double tax treaties.

International Business Company

An IBC in Anguilla is based on the traditional model and represents excellent value for money, with rapid incorporation and substantial flexibility as to company name. With the trust and company legislation recently modernised, the country can continue to provide a service and product equal to that elsewhere. Companies that are incorporated in any other jurisdiction may be continued in Anguilla as an IBC.

Geographic location:
East Caribbean Island
Native Language (s):
East Caribbean Dollar, US Dollar (EC$ fixed to US$)
Political Status:
British Overseas Territory, essentially self governing.
Legal System:
Common Law System based on English Law.
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