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Opening an Offshore Bank Account

Due Diligence - A Legal Obligation

We are required under the Anti-money Laundering Legislation and the local government laws to carry out due diligence on our clients. These requirements are uniformly enforced for all companies purchased or incorporated by our firm. Our due diligence procedures mirror part of the bank opening “Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures so that by complying to our requirements, the client is duly prepared for the initial documentation for opening a corporate bank account for their company.

The information that you provided to us is for our internal file only and will be kept private and confidential at all times, subject to court order, legal and government obligations.

The following documents should be scan to us via e-mail and also courier out the original documents to our office :

  • Fully completed Personal Information Form, duly signed to declaration the accuracy of information provided, and your understanding of the terms and conditions stipulated in connection with the purchase or incorporation of your Company.
  • Certified copy of passport (s) for the beneficiary owner (s), shareholder(s) and director(s) of the company. Passport must be current and is a clear copy.
  • Certified Original proof of residential address for the beneficiary owner (s), shareholder(s) and directors of the company (Example: a copy Bank Statement or Utility Bill with the name and residential address clearly printed). The document provided has to be current (not more than 3 months’ old).

Certification must be by a lawyer, accountant, notary or your personal banker. The person who certified the document must state their full name and contact details. Please note for Cayman Companies all documents must be notarized.

Please note that we will only send out your company documents upon receipt of the original due diligence documents and your payment for the purchase.

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